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Nautilus provides full-scope construction/program management (CM/PM) services for all phases of a project including the oversight responsibility for multiple projects, independent management of large company construction programs, complex multi-phased expansions, and complex multi-phased renovations.


We provide CM/PM services on projects that use a variety of project delivery methods. Initially, Nautilus prefers to assist clients in choosing the appropriate delivery method for a defined project. Next, Nautilus will work with the client to better define the CM/PM services to be provided. Whatever the project delivery method, whether expedited or not, Nautilus will play an important role in delivering the project successfully through the application of proven management techniques, the coordination of project entities and the facilitation of project communication.


Nautilus approaches a project with the attitude that: to get our job done efficiently, effectively, and timely we need the cooperation of all the project parties, yet we understand that to get that cooperation, Nautilus must provide both the leadership and set the example.


During the design phase, we seek to work side-by-side with the architects and engineers providing supplemental input on:

During the construction phase, Nautilus also offers a full compliment of construction phase services:


• Resident Engineering

• Inspection

• Scheduling and Estimating

• Document Control

• Progress Reporting

• Project Communication

• Change Order Evaluation

• Quality Assurance

• Permitting Assistance

• Environmental Services / Regulatory Compliance

• Health & Safety Support

• Start-up / Testing / Commissioning of Equipment